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Ochocinco: “Don’t Laugh at my Car”!

Ochocinco’s been rolling around in his tiny Smart Car since 2007. One quick look at his Instagram page and it’s obvious just how much he loves his Smart and now, he’s picked up the brand new 2016 model. The car is sitting at the Auto Firm in Miami and according to Ochocinco, it’ll be ready to reveal in a couple weeks.

Ya’ll know I love my Smart Car, been driving it since 2007, I just copped the new 2016 foreign joint, the homie Alex at @theautofirm will dress her up properly to my liking. Looks plain now but wait 2 more weeks, $20 to fill up & 55 miles per gallon, that’s stunting. Don’t laugh at my car, I get the same results as those driving Ferrari’s, Lambo’s & Bentley’s…”

Ochocinco Smart Car

Photo (@ochocinco)

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