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Caption This – Mel B Stops For Gas In A Bentley

Cameras caught former Spice Girl, Mel B and her husband stopping to fill up their Bentley Continental GTC recently.

Mel B Bentley Mel-B-Bentley-Continental

Shout out to Finland for the photo tip!

The Game’s Car Game Is Outta Control

The Game has had a Bentley Continental GT in his fleet for year but it looks like he might have sent it off for a complete overhaul not to different then what he’s done to his Porsche Panamera in the past.  But if you ask me, his Bentley looks horrible. Trade it in for a Supersports and leave it be.

The Game Bentley Continental GT

Kim Kardashian Heads Back To Miami In A Mulsanne

Kim Kardashian already left Miami and shipped her Rolls Royce back to L.A. but she recently returned to Miami and was spotted stepping out of the backseat of a Bentley Mulsanne. Just because her Rolls Royce isn’t there anymore doesn’t mean we’re going to see her stepping out of a taxi anytime soon.

Kim Kardashian Bentley


Ludacris – New Year, New Car

Talk about a good start to the New Year! Ludacris spent the first few days of 2013 by picking up a brand new Bentley Continental GT. Luda posted the photo below to Instagram with the caption “New Year, New Car”. What do you think of the Moroccan Blue color?

Ludacris Bentley Continental GT


Scott Disick Steps Out In A New Bentley Mulsanne

Scott Disick has had his fair share of Rolls Royce’s so it’s about time he tries a Bentley. Disick was seen pulling up to Kim Kardashian’s house in a Bentley Mulsanne this week. Is it just us or does he actually look like less of a tool in this pic? I guess when he’s not wearing driving shoes without socks he actually looks normal.

Scott Disick Bentley

Scott Disick Bentley Mulsanne