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Rob Dyrdek Rides Dirty in a White Bentley Continental GT

Rob Drydek's White Bentley

Rob may be a C-list celebrity to the WSJ but to me, Rob is A-list even though I have yet to see him out stunin in his White Bentley Continental GT Coupe. Check out Rob Dydrek’s Bentley dressed in 22’s hooked up by Vivid Racing!

Rob Drydek Bentley


Cindy Crawford Drives a Bentley Continental GT

Its no surprise to see that Cindy Crawford drive a Bentley Continental GT with blacked out windows…

Cindy Crawford Bentley Continental GT

Update: It’s Victoria Beckham’s Bently Convertible, Read the HeadRests

Victoria Beckham's Bentley Continental GT
Celebrity: Victoria Beckham
Car: Bentley Continental GT Convertible

Looks like Victoria is the one that chose the blacked out Bentley Continental GT Convertible with a little custom tailoring to her likes. Check out the custom embroidery in the head rests. It’s unknown what else has been modified in her Bentley but I doubt she just had the head rests done!

Paris Hilton and Her Bentley Continental GTC

Out with the old and in with the new. Well this is not that new of news since we all know that driving this vehicle with a suspended license put Paris in and out of jail and wasted more time then we care to admit to have put in to caring… but here is the Bentley Continental GT Convertible that Paris has in here fleet of cars and that replaced her Bentley Continental GT that ex-boyfriend Scott Storch had bought for her!

Paris Hilton Bentley Continental GTC

Paris Hilton Bentley Continental GTC

David Beckham in a new Bentley Continental GT Convertible

While everyone else may be wondering what David’s wife is wearing or where they travel to, all I care about is what cars does David have here. In a quick video over a TMZ I was able to pull a few shots of David loading his family in to a Bentley Continental GT Convertible after stopping for some toys at Toys-R-Us.

Victoria Beckham Bentley Continental

Victoria Beckham Bentley Continental passenger seat

Victoria Beckham Bentley Continental and David Beckham

And who said people can’t fit in the back seats of a Bentley Continental?
David Beckham with the Kids