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Jennifer Lopez: Two Bentleys, One Day

When you’re Jennifer Lopez you can have just about anything you want, including two Bentleys. J’Lo was spotted riding around in her Bentley Continental and her Bentley Arnage all in the same day late last week. This sure makes up for that time we spotted her driving a minivan! Question is, why doesn’t she have a Mulsanne? She’d look good in a Mulsanne!

Jennifer Lopez Bentley Continental Jennifer Lopez Bentley

Ludacris’ Night Out In The Bentley

Looks like Ludacris cleans up well and so does his Bentley Continental GTC. Luda posted this photo from the welcome dinner for his #LudaDayWeekend2013 in Atlanta this weekend.

Ludacris Bentley

(photo: Facebook)

Shout outs to Avinash and Timothy for the tips!

Cher Rolls To A Party In A Bentley

Cher is a pretty private person. So private that I’ve never even seen her out driving before until this past weekend when the camera’s spotted Cher getting into the passenger seat of a Bentley Continental convertible outside a home in Malibu.

Cher Bentley Continental

Paris Hilton’s Back In Her Blue Bentley

She’s back and she’s showing it all off!

The cameras caught Paris (and her backside) unloading her Bentley Continental at a house in Malibu recently.
Paris Hilton Bentley
Paris Hilton Bentley Continental

Source: Daily Mail

Sylvester Stallone Stops To Fill Up His Bentley

Sylvester Stallone was spotted filling up his black on red Bentley Continental recently. I guess he and his good friend Arnold have similar taste when it comes to their Bentley’s.

Sylvester Stallone Bentley Sylvester Stallone Bentley Continental