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Alex Gerrard Grabs Coffee In Her Bentley

English model, soccer wife and soon to be mom of three, Alex Gerrard stepped out of her Bentley Continental before heading to coffee with friends recently. Correct us if we’re wrong because we don’t know a lot about Alex but from the little we do know it sounds like there’s another Victoria Beckham out there…

Alex Gerrard Bentley Continental


Melanie Griffith: Infraction On Rodeo Drive

How embarrassing. Melanie Griffith walked back to her Bentley Continental convertible after stopping in at a a store on Rodeo Drive recently but before she could even take off an officer came over to her window to give her a ticket.

Melanie Griffith Bentley Continental

Melanie sure didn’t seem to mind though, and really who would when you drive a Bentley?



Lisa Vanderpump Valets Her Bentley

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Lisa Vanderpump (and the dog that never seems to leave her side) valeted her white Bentley Continental before heading to dinner recently.

Lisa Vanderpump Bentley Continental

Kris Jenner Gets Wild With Her Bentley

Kris Jenner looked like some sort of wild animal as she stepped out of her Bentley Continental Supersports recently. The outfit’s a little strange but we’ll give her an ‘A’ for the car.

Kris Jenner Bentley Continental Supersports

Paris Hilton Matches Her Bentley

From the looks of this picture and a few others we have of Paris Hilton we’re beginning to think she really does coordinate her outfits to her Bentley. Paris was spotted next to her blue Bentley Continental in matching blue sweatpants, glasses and shoes. If only we could all have the luxury of picking what color Bentley we wanted for the day.

Paris Hilton Bentley Continental