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Kylie Jenner Thinks She’s Fancy With The Top Down

Kylie Jenner took a Bentley Continental out for a spin with the top down and shared a photo of it on Instagram. At first glance I thought it must be Kris’ Bentley but Kris’ Bentley has black interior so who knows who’s car this is. Like we always say when it comes to the Kardashians, it’s hard to keep up. Especially when it comes to their cars. Either way, it must be nice to be just sixteen years old and have the option to take a Bentley out for the day when you just don’t feel like driving your other really nice car


Source (@kyliejenner)

Shout out to Zach for the tip

Last Weeks “Guess Who” – Eva Longoria

Last weeks “Guess Who” was a tough one because Eva doesn’t usually have curly hair but it was Eva Longoria getting into her Bentley Continental.

Eva Longoria Bentley Eva Longoria

Simon Cowell Runs Errands In His Bentley

Simon Cowell and his baby momma, Lauren Silverman were spotted stepping out of Cowell’s black Bentley Azure convertible recently.

Simon Cowell Bentley

Christina Milian: Proving Her Garage Means Business

Last week I posted a photo of Christina Milian showing up to DWTS practice in her bright orange Bentley. Since then, the cameras have also spotted her rolling to practice in a red Mercedes-Benz SLS convertible and her white Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon. She sure has one mean garage! I love that over the course of just one week she was spotted in all three cars too. Which one’s your favorite?

Christina Milian Mercedes Benz SLS
(Photo: Global Grind)

Christina Milian Mercedes G-Wagon

(Photo: Zimbio)

Christina Milian Bentley Continental

(Photo: The Superficial)

Christina Milian’s Orange Bentley

Yep, you read that right, an ORANGE Bentley. Christina Milian showed up to Dancing With The Stars in her orange on black, Bentley Continental GTC the other day. We know she has good taste when it comes to cars because we’ve seen her in everything from a Rolls Royce to a G-Wagon but this orange Bentley is pretty wild. What do you think of it?

Christina Milian Bentley Continental

(Photo: The Superficial)