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Adrienne Maloof And Sean Stewart’s Aston Martin Get-A-Way Car

After a fight broke out in a Beverly Hills restaurant over the weekend, Adrienne Maloof and her boy toy, Sean Stewart were spotted making a quick exit in an Aston Martin Rapide S. Guess it’s a good thing they had a fast car…those Beverly Hills cat fights can get nasty!

Sean Stewart Aston Martin

Adrienne Maloof Sean Stewart Aston Martin

Chris Tucker’s Red Carpet Aston Martin

While other celebrities are showing up to awards shows in the backseat of town cars and limos, Chris Tucker’s showing up behind the wheel of an Aston Martin Vanquish. He made his entrance at the SAG awards in Hollywood this past weekend.

Chris Tucker Aston Martin Vanquish

Mike Comrie Steps Out In His Aston Martin DBS

Mike Comrie usually stays away from the cameras as much as he can but earlier in the week Comrie was spotted walking back to his beautiful black Aston Martin DBS.

Mike Comrie Aston Martin

Alberto Del Rio Shows Up In An Aston Martin

We have no idea who this Alberto Del Rio guy is and this probably isn’t even his car but the Aston Martin Vantage Roadster is sick!   What do you think?

Alberto del rio aston martin

alberto del rio aston martin car

Shout out to Kylin for the tip!

Meek Mill Puts 24-Karat Gold Rims On His Aston Martin

This is one way to make a statement! Meek Mill recently added 22 inch 24-karat gold rims onto his matte black Aston Martin Rapide. Would you roll on 24-karat gold?

meek mill aston martin

Meek Mill Aston Martin Rapide