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Ken Griffey Jr’s Bentley Continental GT

I’m not sure about this Continental GT that Ken Griffey is rolling but being that I loved Griffey when I was young I’ll going ahead and say I like it.

What about you?

See what Ken Griffey Jr. drove before the Bentely after the jump.
Ken Griffey Jr Bentley Continental GT1
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Adam Carolla’s Aston Martin DB9

A while back we saw some inside shots of Adam Carolla’s new garage and we spotted a DB9 under the cover. Well we just came across this great walk around with Adam Carolla giving us the walk around of his car including all the modifications he made. This is a true celebrity car! I freaking love the interior!

Adam Carolla’s Aston Martin DB9

Girl’s Next Door Playmate Kendra Rocks the Cover of DUB Magazine

In case you don’t ever pick up DUB Magazine I thought I would tell you to at least check out this months edition. While on side shows off Snoop and his Laker’s Pontiac that has been around for at-least four years, flip it and reverse it and you have Kendra Wilkinson looking might fierce on the opposite cover of DUB.

Snoop Dog's Laker Pontiac

Kendra Wilkinson's Dub Magazine

In this episode Kendra shows off her Black Cadillac Escalade and a Black Aston Martin which I didn’t know she had.

Check out the sneak peak video for a quick glance of both her and her rides!

Michael Strahan’s Aston Martin Vanquish

Michael Strahan of the New York Giants puts his Aston Martin V12 Vanquish up for sale. Check it out right now at eBay.

Michael Strahan's Aston Martin V12 Vanquish Plate

Michael Strahan's Aston Martin V12 Vanquish