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Clarkson Shows Off His VW Golf GTI

Despite the enormous pressure VW are under at the moment due to their diesel engine emissions software scandal, the most outspoken and influential car guy on the planet has purchased a Golf GTI.

Jeremy Clarkson has also taken time out from the production of his new Amazon Prime format to defend the German company. In true Jezza style, the ex Top Gear presenter used phrases like, “eco mentalists” and “soft-in-the-head governments”, perhaps making a more important statement relating to the damaging aftermath: “The fallout would be immense because [it] owns Audi, Bugatti, Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche, Seat and Skoda as well. So they’d also go to the wall.”

Clarkson also took to twitter and released photos of his new VW Golf GTI, his comments: “I’m happy with my new car”, and “This is why I bought it. Couldn’t give a stuff about how much nitrogen it’s producing”.

Although nitrogen is a speciality of the diesel engine and Jezza’s turbo-charged 2.0-L petrol GTI produces more CO2 than nitrogen, we know what he is getting at – despite VW breaking all the rules, manufactures are producing cars with powerful yet impressively economical engines, and ultimately VW’s deception isn’t enough to drive customers into buying Japanese or Korean vehicles over German.

Jeremy Clarkson | VW Golf GTI

Photos (@JeremyClarkson)

Jeremy Clarkson | VW Golf GTI

Photos (@JeremyClarkson)

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