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T.I.’s Car Collection — What Would You Pick?

If you’ve been following the blog for a while now you know T.I. has a thing for cars, if not, you can check out some of his cars here.  Not only does he have a garage full of beautiful rides, he actually knows what he’s doing when he’s behind the wheel.

Most recently, T.I. posted this photo to his Instagram account with the caption, “My only worry is what to drive today…..????#Whenyagetthrubullshittin!!!!! We thumbing thru it….#Dastrongway #kickinflav #kingshit#hustlegangovererrrrthang #GDOD”.

In the photo you can see his Bentley Continental, Rolls Royce Ghost, new Range Rover and new Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. If you had the choice, what ride would you take for the day?

T.I. Cars

Source (@troubleman31)

Shout out to Garrell for the tip

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