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LiLo Visits the Spa in a Mercedes-Benz CLK 350

After admitting to failing a very important drug test, a warrant of arrest was recently issued to Lindsay which she decided to ignore by spending the day in a spa in a black Mercedes-Benz CLK 350 with a gal pal. If you’re wondering where her Porsche Cayman S is, it’s quite possible that it’s back in the rental car parking lot since her 2-week old license is suspended again. Very smooth move LiLo, this only proves that you can’t really handle such gorgeous cars! CCB won’t feel sorry for her if she ends up in the passenger seat for the rest of her life.

Lilo's Mercedes-Benz CLK 350

Lindsay Lohan gets something from a gal pal inside the Merceds-Benz CLK 350

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