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Pusha T Picks Up a New Porsche Turbo S

It looks like Pusha T has serious taste when it comes to cars. Recently, Pusha T shared photos of his brand new black on red Porsche Turbo S.
Pusha T Porsche

Pusha T Porsche Turbo

Photos (@kingpush)

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Mike Tyson Rolls Royce

Mike Tyson Travels Like a King

When Mike Tyson travels, he travels in style. No, you wont find him standing at the Enterprise counter. Instead, you'll find him renting a white Rolls Royce Ghost from the guys at Lou La Vie, Miami's finest luxury and exotic car rental shop.  When Tyson was in town a couple months ago he shared a photo of himself standing next to his Rolls Royce rental. Not too shabby.

Mike Tyson Rolls Royce

Photo (@miketyson)

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Chris D'Elia Audi

Chris D’Elia’s New Audi RS7 is a Beast

Who knew Chris D'Elia had such great taste! Either he's making some pretty good money, or Audi's being very generous once again because the actor/comedian just picked up a brand new Audi RS7 and posted a photo of it on his Facebook page. Based on the caption, he really loves his new ride, "The new thing in my life I care about more than a person".  

Chris D'Elia Audi

Photo (Facebook)

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Pat Riley Mercury Coupe

Video: Pat Riley Rollin’ In His 1950 Mercury Coupe

Cameras spotted NBA legend and president of the Miami Heat, Pat Riley as he was leaving a car wash in Los Angeles with his badass 1950 Mercury Coupe recently. Check out the video below.

Pat Riley Mercury Coupe

Video (TMZ)
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Jon Olsson Audi RS6 Gumball

Video: Jon Olsson Takes His Audi RS6 Through The Hills of Monaco

Check out this video of Jon Olsson driving his Audi RS6 through the hills outside Monaco a couple days ago. The RS6 is badass in photos but actually hearing the Milltek exhaust at work and seeing it in action is even better. Sounds like Jon is getting back into the video blogs so hopefully there will be more car videos to come!

Video (YouTube)
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