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Cassie Buys A New Blacked Out Challenger

Cassie recently added a photo of her new blacked out Dodge Challenger to Instagram. We don’t know what else Cassie has hiding in her garage but from the looks of this photo we like her taste. What do you think?

Cassie Dodge Challenger

Thanks to Kirk for the tip!

Spotted: Julio Jones’ Dodge Challenger On The Streets Of ATL

One of our readers spotted Julio Jones’ Dodge Challenger on the streets of Atlanta this past weekend and was able to snap a couple photos. The Atlanta Falcons wide receiver has personalized rims that say “11 Jones” on each one.

Thanks to Spewak for the photos and for keeping an eye out for celebrity cars on the streets!

Julio Jones Dodge Challenger


Julio Jones Challenger












Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows Off Some Muscle

Looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to borrow his sons car for the day. Arnold was spotted getting out of Patrick Schwarzenegger’s orange Dodge Challenger in Los Angeles recently. Nothing like a colorful Hawaiian shirt to tone down the already obnoxiously orange muscle car.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Dodge Challenger












Meanwhile, it looks like Patrick likes his mom’s Mercedes S-Class.

Patrick Schwarzenegger Mercedes Benz S Class

Rolling Like a Youtube’R

SXEPHILAbout a month ago we caught Epic Meal Time rolling hard in a Honda so we thought we’d chase down some of our other favorite Youtube celebs.

So lets start of with Philip DeFranco (aka sxephil).  What type of ride would you peg him for?

See the video after the jump!
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Ryan Reynolds And Kevin Bacon: Challenger On Set

Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Bacon were spotted on set filming scenes for an upcoming movie in a Dodge Challenger SRT8.

Ryan Reynolds Kevin Bacon Dodge Challenger