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Chace Crawford’s Dodge Challenger SRT8

It’s always nice to see a fine young actor in a muscle car, especially if it is Chace Crawford in a Dodge Challenger SRT8! We think this is the first time we’ve seen this car with a celebrity in a long time.

Chace Crawford-Dodge Charger

Who is he?

We need your help identifying him… We think he is a skateboarder?

Who is he?

Arnold Sporting His Challenger SRT8 at The Country Mart

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger can probably be driven in any car that he wants but instead he chooses to man up behind the wheel of a Charger SRT8 on his own.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Charger SRT8
Source TMZ

For Sale: A Ying Yang General Lee from the Ying Yang Twins

Sometimes these celebrities don’t have the best taste and when it comes to messing with the famous General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard, the Ying Yang Twins did a pretty good job messin’ it up!

Ying Yang Twins' General Lee

Ying Yang Twins show off General Lee's Engine

Ying Yang Twins' General Lee in the magazine

If you like it, you can buy it here

Rapper TI Shows Off His New Dodge Challenger

It seems the hip hop singers and rappers alike are in to the new Dodge Challenger and TI is no exception. Not only did TI sport the Dodge Challenger in his latest video it’s also one he added to his personal collection!

TI's New Dodge Challenger