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Nick Hogan Shows Off His Rides On Instagram

We don’t really know what Hulk Hogan’s son, Nick Hogan does with his days but we do know he loves to drop some cash when it comes to his rides. Nick recently posted photos on his Instagram of both his murdered out Mercedes-Benz S-Class and his Dodge Challenger. When we say murdered out S-Class we mean MURDERED OUT!

What do you think of Nick’s choice or cars?

Nick Hogan Mercedes Benz S Class

Nick Hogan Mercedes S Class

Nick Hogan Dodge Challenger

Nick Hogan Challenger

Shout out to RUFke for the photo tip!

Dwyane Wade Poses With Lebron’s Challenger SRT

Dwyane Wade showed off his sock game by posing next to Lebron James’ Dodge Challenger SRT-8 after a game recently. We’re not sure about D-Wade’s socks (or his pants) but the ‘W’ in his laces and Lebron’s Challenger looking good!

Dwyane Wade Lebron James Dodge Challenger

Cassie Takes Her Challenger To The Car Wash

Cassie recently took her new blacked out Dodge Challenger to the car wash and tweeted this photo. Cassie Dodge Challenger


Shout out to Kylin for the tip!

Chad Ochocinco’s “General O.C.”

Originally Chad Ochocinco was driving around with a orange Dodge Challenger but now, Ochocinco’s switched things up and changed his Challenger to his own version of The General Lee with this Dodge Challenger named the “General O.C.”.

Which version do you like more?

Chad Ochocinco Dodge Challenger

Chad Ochocinco Dodge Challenger SRT 8

Source: Athlete Cars

Cheick Kongo Shows Off His Customized Challenger

French MMA and UFC fighter, Cheick Kongo stopped by Asanti Wheels to pick up his wide-body Dodge Challenger and do a behind the scenes video. What do you think of Kongo’s ride?

Check out the video below.

Cheick Kongo Challenger

Cheick Kongo Dodge Challenger



Photo Source: Our friends over at Asanti Wheels!