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Katherine Heigl’s Doing It All Wrong

I guess when your acting roles diminish to starring roles in sleeping pill commercials after previously having starred in A List rom coms, your car collection goes along with it. Katherine Heigl’s career has certainly seen better days, and she certainly seems to have settled in to her new lifestyle with a plain and very mundane Cadillac CTS wagon. I get the need for more space after starting a family and settling down but I just can’t co-sign this poorly chosen ride.

Katherine Heigl Cadillac Wagon

Photos: (Zimbio)

2 Responses to Katherine Heigl’s Doing It All Wrong

  1. DJL says:

    Was it a choice, or was GM the only company willing to give her a car for free/cheap?

  2. Van says:

    Lol. The sad part is that she ruined her own career by being insufferable.

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