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Teen Mom Amber Portwood Bought A Range Rover

Apparently MTV pays their Teen Moms a pretty decent salary because Teen Mom OGs’ Amber Portwood recently showed off her new (used) Range Rover HSE. From what I can see the car’s about a 2010-12, so while it’s definitely nothing close in comparison to buying a new Rover, it’s still not cheap or usually in the realm of a 25 year old. Amber’s had a rough few years having gone to prison and dealing with addiction issues, so it’s nice to see her doing well for herself. Keep it up, Amber!


Source (Amber Portwood’s Instagram)

2 Responses to Teen Mom Amber Portwood Bought A Range Rover

  1. Kash says:

    and 22 weeks ago she bought a White 300. Well probably her sugar daddy did…

  2. Chrysta says:

    Be smart and stop getting mad and attacking people on stage….or I guarantee you will loose your daughter and everything you’ve gained.he is not worth acting like that.its nor Farrah’s fault either …its your fault for getting mad and not being able to control yourself..that’s a problem.

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