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Soulja Boy Buys A New Lambo!?

The never ending saga that is Soulja Boy continues.. this time with him picking up a new white Lamborghini Huracan! Over the past few years he has continued to crank out new music, started his own hoverboard company called “Soulja Boards”, his own light up sneaker brand, and even his own signature e-cigarette. With a new Lamborghini Huracan costing over 300k, we can hopefully assume at least one of his business ventures worked out!

Soulja Boy Lamborghini Huracan Soulja Boy New Lamborghini Huracan

Source (@souljaboy)

One Response to Soulja Boy Buys A New Lambo!?

  1. CrazyMTF says:

    He’s been living and driving the same cars for three years so he has alot of money left plus its best to lease so when the body changes up don’t to deal with the hassle of trading

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