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What is Luis D. Ortiz Driving?

It seems the various stars of Million Dollar Listing all have some pretty decent rides but we rarely get the chance to see if any of the NY cast actually drive until now. Luis D. Ortiz shared this photo over the weekend on his Instagram of what looks to be a bit of a classic. I’m not up on my classic steering wheels but would love to know what he is driving.

Can you tell what he is driving?

Luis dortiz

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7 Responses to What is Luis D. Ortiz Driving?

  1. BD says:

    1957 Thunderbird

  2. TheRandomMan says:

    1956 Ford Thunderbird

  3. samtheman says:

    1950s ford thunderbird is correct.

  4. Jdubble07 says:

    Ortiz, not Dortiz.

  5. BD says:

    It’s a 1957 Ford Thunderbird.

  6. serioustalk says:


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