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Breaking: Tyga Gives Kylie Jenner a Ferrari For Her Birthday

We spoke too soon. Kylie is now the proud owner of a brand new Ferrari as well. I guess running around with bad boys like Tyga can really pay off because he just gave Kylie Jenner a new Ferrari 458 Spider for her 18th birthday. Tyga rolled out all the stops and surprised Kylie with the new white Ferrari outside her party this weekend (red bow and all).

Tyga also shared a photo of Kylie’s carbon white Range Rover with another matching carbon white Rover next to it. The caption read “2 is better than 1 #kingin”. So do they really have TWO matching custom Rovers??┬áCheck out the photo and videos below.

Kylie Jenner FerrariOf course Kris Jenner had to get in the passenger seat…
Here’s a video of Kylie’s reaction:

Matching carbon white Rovers:
Tyga Kylie Jenner Range Rover

5 Responses to Breaking: Tyga Gives Kylie Jenner a Ferrari For Her Birthday

  1. Otasowie says:

    Haha she’s all like fuuuu… In the video

  2. Ace says:

    Lol it’s leased, and probably soon to be repo’d

  3. Trigger says:

    No vagina is worth a ferrari

  4. serioustalk says:

    You can’t teach bad style… it’s just natural

  5. King Sparks says:

    Please keep me update on celebrity car blogs

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