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Mike Tyson Travels Like a King

When Mike Tyson travels, he travels in style. No, you wont find him standing at the Enterprise counter. Instead, you’ll find him renting a white Rolls Royce Ghost from the guys at Lou La Vie, Miami’s finest luxury and exotic car rental shop.  When Tyson was in town a couple months ago he shared a photo of himself standing next to his Rolls Royce rental. Not too shabby.

Mike Tyson Rolls Royce

Photo (@miketyson)

Shout out to Dave for the tip!


7 Responses to Mike Tyson Travels Like a King

  1. Emkay says:

    He’s broke as hell….

  2. yobrainc says:

    Tyson is still the king to me, so he supposed to travel like one!

  3. jojo says:

    not sure about the Lou La Vie guys they seems dodgy

  4. jason says:

    Of course everyone reads and believes stuff from the media. Maybe he isn’t broke, damn…. obviously he has money for renting a “ROLLS ROYCE”!!

  5. Joel Castillo says:

    Everyone needs to travel in style in their Rolls Royce Ghost like Mike Tyson.

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