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Kim Kardashian Shows Off The Assets

Kim seems to be on a post-pregnancy kick and this time she’s showing off her backside in a recent instagram photo. But Kim’s backside isn’t the only asset she is showing off.  You can clearly see her G63, Kanye’s Aventador, and what appears to be a Mercedes SL65 and perhaps a Mercedes ML.

Does anyone know who owns the SL65?

Kim Posing in the driveway

5 Responses to Kim Kardashian Shows Off The Assets

  1. Emkay says:

    Sure do like the rims on that SL, but don’t know who in the Kardashian clan suddenly has good taste!

  2. Sanf says:

    Perhaps the house cat owns the ML

  3. jj014 says:

    I dont think all of these cars are from kardashian family. I saw this pic few days ago on IG and i belive this is the parking lot of some restaurant

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