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Kim and Kanye’s New Family Sedan

Now that they’re a family of four, Kim and Kanye decided they needed to add to their fleet with a new Mercedes-Maybach S600. Although we have yet to spot Kim or Kanye in the new ride, the guys at Platinum Motorsport shared a photo of the fresh looking S600.

We have a feeling North and Saint will be pretty comfortable in the backseat of this ride.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Mercedes Maybach

Photo (@platinum_group)

Shout out to Jure for the tip!

Kanye West Takes Care of Business in his Rolls Royce

Usually it’s Kim Kardashian stepping out in the matte grey Rolls Royce Ghost but this time her husband, Kanye West was behind the wheel. Yeezy was spotted driving the Ghost around Beverly Hills earlier this week.

Photo (Zimbio)

Kim Kardashian Shows Off The Assets

Kim seems to be on a post-pregnancy kick and this time she’s showing off her backside in a recent instagram photo. But Kim’s backside isn’t the only asset she is showing off.  You can clearly see her G63, Kanye’s Aventador, and what appears to be a Mercedes SL65 and perhaps a Mercedes ML.

Does anyone know who owns the SL65?

Kim Posing in the driveway

Kanye Valets His Lamborghini Aventador

Kanye West was spotted valeting his Lamborghini Aventador in Beverly Hills yesterday while “quietly” promoting his current Yeezus tour.

(Photo: Zimbio)

Kim And Kanye Buy TWO Armored SUVs

You know you’ve lost it when you feel the need to go out and purchase not one but TWO Dartz Prombron armored SUV’s for just over one million dollars. Apparently Kanye West didn’t think Kim’s matte black G63 was safe enough so he decided to purchase these bullet-proof, bomb-proof SUVs in hopes of keeping the three of them safe from paparazzi. I’ve got news for you Kim and Kanye, these things are going to do anything but keep the paparazzi away. Try a minivan next time….that’ll actually blend in at the kids soccer games.


Kanye West Kim Kardashian Dartz Prombron

Shout out to Ken for the tip!

Source: Yahoo Autos