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Jonathan Cheban Drives Around In a Fisker Karma

Didn’t anyone tell Jonathan Cheban that Fiskers are out and Tesla’s are in? Apparently not, because Cheban is driving around in a new Fisker Karma (thanks to this dealership he has a connection with). He probably wont be driving it for long until he has to return it to the dealership anyway.

Jonathan Cheban Fisker Karma

Oh and it has this horrible interior…

Fisker Karma Interior

(Photos: Instagram)

Shout out to Jensen for the tip

6 Responses to Jonathan Cheban Drives Around In a Fisker Karma

  1. J says:

    I looks way cooler than the tesla other than the interior

  2. Tesla Fan says:

    its a cool car and i’d drive it but i’d get a model s over it

  3. dan says:

    yea the interior is pretty ugly

  4. Tommy says:

    I love the Fisker. I’m sorry the tesla is no where near as hot

  5. Ram says:

    What are you talking about ?!?! the interior looks amazing and the fisker karma is awesome, he doesn’t have to buy what others buy !! .-.

  6. Jerry says:

    Coolest. Car. Ever.

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