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Josh Duhamel’s New Jeep

Josh Duhamel was spotted driving around in a new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited recently. Duhamel’s been driving around in the same GMC truck for years now and while there’s nothing wrong with his truck, it’s kind of nice to see him in something different. I think this color combo is a great choice for the Wrangler. What do you think?

Josh Duhamel Jeep Wrangler

Josh Duhamel Jeep

(photos: Zimbio)

2 Responses to Josh Duhamel’s New Jeep

  1. Ty says:

    It looks like a totally sweet ride. I love these blocky manly jeeps. BUT on the otherhand it is also the most poser, douchy ride on the planet to have in a place like LA, driving on asphalt all the time. The guy even has some sort of semi offroad tyres. Why? At least have street tyres.

  2. Atomicar says:

    he’s look cool with this car. I love his jeep

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