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Josh Duhamel Still Loves GMC

For years we saw Josh Duhamel driving around LA in his two-generations old GMC Sierra Pickup Truck. While we finally saw him move on from that and on to a Jeep Wrangler , he eventually crept back towards his old ways by getting a Tahoe Hybrid and now he’s gone full-on GMC again in a Yukon. Nothing wrong with any of those cars, just a clear pattern here that Josh loves American cars, and especially GMC. There’s something refreshing about celebrities driving “normal” people cars every once in a while and this is one of those cases. Although, I have to say I thought I would get used to them after a few years but I still hate the way the back of this generations Yukons look.

Josh Duhamel Yukon

Source: Zimbio

Josh Duhamel: Dad Duty In a Hybrid

Josh Duhamel was spotted lifting his newborn son into the backseat of a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid in Brentwood recently.

Source: (Zimbio)

Josh Duhamel’s New Jeep

Josh Duhamel was spotted driving around in a new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited recently. Duhamel’s been driving around in the same GMC truck for years now and while there’s nothing wrong with his truck, it’s kind of nice to see him in something different. I think this color combo is a great choice for the Wrangler. What do you think?

Josh Duhamel Jeep Wrangler

Josh Duhamel Jeep

(photos: Zimbio)

Josh Duhamel Unloads His GMC Sierra

There are a few reasons Josh Duhamel isn’t your average celebrity and this photo proves it. One, you wont find many celebrities driving a truck around town, two, you wont find many celebrities going to the dump and three, you wont find many celebrities actually doing their own yard work. Josh on the other hand was recently spotted unloading the back of his GMC Sierra Denali at a dump in Los Angeles. His wife Fergi on the other hand was no where in sight…

Josh Duhamel GMC Denali

Josh Duhamel Keeps It Real In His GMC

Josh Duhamel could really be driving just about anything he wants but he still chooses to stick with his GMC Sierra. Would you rather see Josh driving something nice or is it nice to see a celebrity keeping it real?

Josh Duhamel GMC