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Chris Brown Ruins Another Lamborghini

Leave it to Chris Brown to take a beautiful Lamborghini Aventador and turn it into something like this. What’s sad is that this really isn’t the first time — his Lamborghini Gallardo has been through its fair share of crazy paint jobs too.

Chris Brown Lamborghini Aventador

15 Responses to Chris Brown Ruins Another Lamborghini

  1. CasperNox says:

    I think I’m gonna be sick. He needs to stop buying Lamborghinis. Scratch it, he should stop buying cars.

  2. Nico says:

    Damn this guy is so dumb!

  3. Ben says:

    If it’s his car he can do whatever he wants

  4. Omarr says:

    I think it looks like shit. But yo, He can do whatever the fuck he wants man lol. How does that make him “Dumb”? lol

  5. J says:

    He’s dumb for thinking any of his paint jobs look good.

  6. Hijack jones says:

    Chris brown is a punk. He sings like crap, looks like crap and now he drives crap.
    No amount of money can give you class.

  7. Yeezus Christ says:

    ^ so punks give to charity and spend time with kids? dumbass, he’s a great singer retard and he’s one of the most perfect looking humans on earth dummy your probably ugly as shit

  8. Nico says:

    Yeezus stop sucking kanye and chris brown dick. This guy got money but he can”t have class with car like that

  9. VvV says:

    A crap human being with crap taste in paint jobs, it’s fitting. It’s like he announces it with his cars, he ruins things..

    Yeezus, I pity you.

  10. CJ says:

    Maybe he does it for the purpose of pissing off car enthusiasts!

  11. Piese Auto says:

    crazy colors…

  12. LIKINGIT;) says:

    I actually like the color lol, something different kind of looks badass

  13. 87gti says:

    If I didnt know it was Chris Brown’s I might like it.

  14. Chris says:

    First of all. It’s a great paint job. You’re all jealous that you don’t have a Lamborghini to paint.
    Secondly. It’s his car he can do what he wants with it, it isn’t yours.
    Thirdly. That paint job has nothing to do with his career so why bring it up?
    Fourthly. He gives tons of money to charity as well as visiting countries in need.

    He does more than most of you will ever do in a lifetime. I’m not a Chris Brown fan. I used to like his music. Now it’s “meh”. But he can do what he wants with his cars.

  15. Bradley says:

    Chris brown did what pleases his heart,im loving the painting it suits the lambo perfectly

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