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Robert Downey Jr. – Fast And Furious In A GT-R

Robert Downey Jr. was recently spotted getting into his Nissan GT-R. We love that he feels the need for a little speed and seeing a celeb drive around in something different than your typical celebrity ride is always refreshing. What do you think of the GT-R?

Robert Downey Jr Nissan GT-R

Thanks to Jimmy for the tip!

6 Responses to Robert Downey Jr. – Fast And Furious In A GT-R

  1. Suppa says:

    I’d rock that GTR.

  2. Tapisco says:

    This cars rocks…awsome…

  3. william says:

    I was kinda surprised this is the first time seeing this car on here. I suppose most celebrities care more about badge rather than performance.

  4. CarCrazy! says:

    Love the GTR, such a stylish piece of art in my opinion…

  5. Cartman says:

    Hate to burst everyone’s bubble but RDJ doesn’t own this GT-R. It’s a corporate car belonging to Nissan on loan for him to drive & be seen in whenever he’s in town lending his voice to Nissan TV commercials. He’s a really nice guy too.

  6. Zee says:

    ^ Well I hate to burst your bubble as well because the gun metal one is indeed his! :D He used a different colored GT-R before that’s not his. But this one… is ironman’s. Besides the GT-R has always kicked T. Stark R8’s @ss anyways. ;)

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