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Pro BMX Rider Scotty Cranmer’s Nissan GTR

When your profession is to push the limits of what you can and probably should do on a BMX bike, it’s only appropriate you drive something that pushes the limits of what an automobile can do. With several X Game medals under his belt, it’s only fair that Scotty treats him self to a proper machine. We’re glad to see he doesn’t take is too seriously though (you sure won’t see me doing tricks over my car any time soon!)

Scotty Cranmer Nissan GTR
Scotty Cranmer Nissan GTR BMX Bike

Source (@scottycranmer)

Ice T’s New Nissan GT-R

Ice T has some pretty sick cars and while we might not agree with some of his choices when it comes to customizing his cars (like this one here), we definitely agree with his latest purchase. Ice T shared a photo of a Nissan GT-R on Instagram earlier this week and based on the white with red wheels, we’re assuming it’s his new ride.

Ice T Nissan GTR

Source (@icet)

Rickie Fowler’s GT-R Gets a Major Facelift

We’ve been a big fan of Rickie Fowlers car collection for a while now and just recently, Rickie Fowler decided his Nissan GT-R needed a new look and that’s exactly what it got. Not only does it have a new body kit, it has a new paint color too. The once black on black GT-R is now white on black.


Here’s what it looked like before:
Rickie Fowler Nissan GTR Porsche

What do you think of the new look? Too much or just right?

Photo (@therealrickiefowler)
Shout out to Dave for the tip!

Shmee150 Shows Off His Gumball 3000 Ride

YouTube star and friend of Celebrity Cars Blog Shmee150 has finally released details of what he will be driving and riding in for the US leg of the Gumball 3000.

Watch the video below for Tim’s walk around of the 2015 Nissan GTR.  Videos after the jump!

shmeemobile gumball 3000 Continue Reading

Apolo Ohno Borrows His Dads Nissan GT-R

Apolo Ohno spent some time in his hometown last week and shared a photo of himself with a black-edition Nissan GT-R that he bought for his dad. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Apolo discussed his love of cars and mentioned he had purchased a GT-R for this dad. Maybe he needs a new one for himself!

Apolo Ohno Nissan GTR