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Flo Rida’s Ferrari California

Flo Rida’s been on a buying spree lately between his Bugatti, his matte black Ferrari 458 Italia and now this Ferrari California. Flo Rida posted the photo on his Facebook not too long ago and we’re not so sure we’re loving the paint job. Looks like he was trying to go for the same look as his old Bugatti. What do you think?

Flo Rida Ferrari California

Source: Flo Rida’s Facebook Page

6 Responses to Flo Rida’s Ferrari California

  1. manuka says:


  2. grant says:

    FLO RIDA is gunna go broke! He spends soo much money on cars! 😀

  3. Francois says:

    quite horrible! 😀

  4. search41 says:

    Big time FAIL !

  5. CJ says:

    I wonder how many different chicks he goes thru each day!

  6. Ak says:

    Despite all the California’s flaws, I want one. Not in this color though!

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