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Ashton Kutcher Shows Off His New Fisker Karma

Ashton Kutcher may be getting a divorce from Demi Moore but that hasn’t stopped him from shelling out some cash for a new eco-friendly ride. Ashton Kutcher was spotted driving around Los Angeles in his new Fisker Karma just recently. He’s always had a thing for the environmentally friendly cars with high price tags.

Ashton Kutcher Fiskar

















Ashton Kutcher Fiskar











Ashton Kutcher Fiskar Karma


13 Responses to Ashton Kutcher Shows Off His New Fisker Karma

  1. Thomas says:

    Ah whatever1 I want a Fisker Karma. Electric sexiness. I read somewhere that Leo was the first to get one of these rides.

  2. Matt says:

    He probably got it free, cause its the same car he drives on two and a half men.

  3. Erik says:

    Electric cars are not eco-friendly.. The liquids used to make the batteries are toxic as hell. If you want to be eco-friendly buy a recycled petrol car with a very small engine.

  4. Jame says:

    To add to Erik’s point about not Eco friendly, when an electric car is plugged in, where do people think the electricity is coming from? A big polluting power station which does more damage than your car emissions!

    Still a nice car though, and thankfully not a Prius!

  5. Matt says:

    @ Jame and Erik: yes, electricity is often produced by oil burning power plants and that means pollution (but less than from a gasoline engine). But a lot of power is already being produced by hydro, wind, solar, bio and that is clean power. Gasoline is NEVER EVER going to be clean, electric power can be 100% clean (and it will be more and more in the coming years). Yes, the liquids from a battery are toxic. But that’s why batteries are being recylced. How clean do you think oil drilling (BP), transporting (Exxon) and refining is, let alone the billions of tons of toxic fumes that cars produce? And then I’m not talking about CO2, but the pollutants and small particles that kill hundreds of thousands of people worldwide every year.

  6. Erik says:

    @Matt: Have you got any idea of what is exacly used to build a battery? I dont think so. Wind power isn’t clean, the generators as i will call them right now because I’m not english and don’t know the proper word, can’t be used long enough to get a good rendement.

  7. Stacey says:

    What an idiot! Not sexy at all. The car or the “man”.

  8. Robert says:

    @ Erik, your “facts” are very wrong. These batteries have a 10 year life expectancy and are then recycled, the amount of carbon emissions and other pollutants avoided by driving an electric vehicle are huge and far outweigh the sm amount of energy used to produce the charge.

  9. Robert says:

    Stacey- perhaps you need to revisit what the term sexy means and I think you’ll find most people disagree with your interpretation.

  10. Joe says:

    This car is the next big thing in automotive history. It’s going to revolutionize everything about the industry

  11. horseda says:

    Beautiful cars I’ll visit the site again to get update information.

  12. jesse says:

    Call me crazy but I do not like them whatsoever

  13. Tester says:

    If hydroelectric power pollutes, CO2 polluter – let’s go back to the horses! 🙂

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