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Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne Hit The Streets In An Audi

It appears as though Ozzy Osbourne is making up for lost time behind the wheel! As we posted yesterday, Ozzy was spotted running round in his new Ferrari 458 Italia and now this. Ozzy and his wife Sharon jumped into and this white Audi R8 after making a Starbucks run recently. Oh crap…now we have to fear for the lives of TWO beautiful cars…

Ozzy Osbourne Audi R8


Thanks to Matt for the tip.

5 Responses to Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne Hit The Streets In An Audi

  1. Lindsay says:

    Geeez, why does it have to be the osbournes????

  2. ndawg says:

    There is a black F430 spyder in the background. Nice

  3. Meadowoman says:

    I like his Ferrari better. Still a nice car tho.

  4. Indianapolis Ford says:

    Oh man, two top models. Both the cars are awesome but I love Ferrari most, specially the black colour. He is lucky to have both. Be ready with camera may be you people will get another shock, I mean a third one to make an article like this. We all know he have too much to spend, so let him spend. We are born to just sit and watch these wonderful stars on celebrity car blog.

  5. Preturi cazare Vatra Dornei says:

    I think they can have every car that they wants, but Ferrari remains my favorite.

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