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The Osbournes New Bentley Flying Spur

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne were spotted driving their brand new Bentley Flying Spur in Beverly Hills this past weekend. What do you think of the new Flying Spur?

Source (Zimbio)

Ozzy Osbourne Takes His Ferrari Out For A Spin

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne took their Ferrari 458 Italia out to Malibu for the weekend. Nice to know it’s still in one piece!

Ozzy Osbourne Ferrari 458

Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne Hit The Streets In An Audi

It appears as though Ozzy Osbourne is making up for lost time behind the wheel! As we posted yesterday, Ozzy was spotted running round in his new Ferrari 458 Italia and now this. Ozzy and his wife Sharon jumped into and this white Audi R8 after making a Starbucks run recently. Oh crap…now we have to fear for the lives of TWO beautiful cars…

Ozzy Osbourne Audi R8


Thanks to Matt for the tip.

Ozzy Osbourne Takes His New Ferrari For A Spin

OK, so maybe “spin” isn’t the best word choice considering last time Ozzy was behind the wheel of a Ferrari he rear ended a Mercedes-Benz with only 20 miles after getting his license (and 19 failed attempts). With all that aside though, Ozzy Osbourne’s at it again and this time it’s in a Ferrari 458 Italia. We just spotted Ozzy running around in his new Ferrari today and he was lookin like a pro. What do you think?

Hopefully it’s smooth sailing this time!

Ozzy Osbourne Ferrari 458 Italia

Ozzy Osbourne Ferrari 458 Italia

Ozzy Osbourne Ferrari 458 Italia


Source: X17 Online