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Robert Downey Jr. Shows Off His New Audi

Robert Downey Jr. took his new Audi A7 to the streets this weekend and seemed pretty proud of it. We’re loving the lines on the A7 and we’re sure we’ll be seeing more and more celebrities with them soon. What do you think?

Robert Downey Jr. Audi A7

Robert Downey Jr Audi A7

4 Responses to Robert Downey Jr. Shows Off His New Audi

  1. Pozsi says:

    This car is stunning. For 60k (up to 80k) it’s a gift.

  2. CJ says:

    The guy driving the white honda with busted rear bumper hates his life now because of Robert Downery Jr.

  3. Ben says:

    It’s a nice looking car but if I’m going to buy this style, I’m going to buy the original model – Mercedes CLS.

  4. AL says:


    A7 is far more unique and more Panamara-like than the CLS. I’d take the Porsche for the crazy engine but the Audi is first in looks!

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