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Joe Jonas Takes Gigi Hadid For a Spin in his Audi A7

When Gigi Hadid isn’t running around in her new silver Range Rover, she’s hanging out in the passenger seat of Joe Jonas’ matte black Audi A7.

Photos (Zimbio)

Vanessa Hudgens Steps Out In Her Audi

Vanessa Hudgens was spotted getting out of her Audi A7 in Los Angeles earlier this week. She’s been through her fair share of Audi’s over the years and even though she’s only had this one since early this year, it’s about time for another one.

Source (Zimbio)

Billy Zane Loves His Audi A7

Cameras caught actor, Billy Zane checking out his Audi A7 recently. I don’t know a whole lot about this guy but from the looks of it, he loves his car (and probably his outfit too).

Billy Zane Audi A7 Billy Zane Audi

Orlando Bloom: Audi Poster Child

If only we could all have a garage full of Audi’s like Orlando Bloom. Orlando spent the weekend running errands in his new Audi A7 and was also spotted taking his son on a hike in his Audi Q7.

Orlando Bloom Audi

Orlando Bloom Audi A7

Orlando Bloom Audi Q7

Stephen Moyer Hits The Gym In His Audi A7

Who knew vampires had such good taste! Stephen Moyer, aka vampire Bill Compton in the HBO series True Blood was spotted parking his new Audi A7 before heading into a gym in Hollywood last week. Moyer’s been an Audi fan since the first time we spotted him in his Audi A5. Lets just hope he doesn’t crash this car like he did with the Scion he flipped at the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race!

Stephen Moyer Audi A7