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Rob Dyrdek’s Aston Martin – Where is it?

We’ve hear from a couple of people that Rob Dyrdek has added an Aston Martin to his stable but we’ve yet to see it so we’re putting up a bounty!

We’ll give anyone who send us a photo of Rob Dyrdek with his Aston Martin 5 Bitcoin or $20.

To enter just send the photo to photos[@]Celebritycarsblog.com!

Rob dyrdek with his Porsche Panamera

3 Responses to Rob Dyrdek’s Aston Martin – Where is it?

  1. benn says:

    Really! $20! come on now, I’m sure the pic is worth a bit more than $20.

  2. john fabera says:

    Just want to tell rob that he had a big heart for everything he does for everyone. He does a lot for people he don’t even know and that is awesome!

  3. neil says:

    if u watch the new seasons of punk’d when justin bieber is trying to punk rob dyrdeck he comes to the restaurant and comes out of an auston martin

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