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Lindsay Lohan and “A” Porsche 911

Sometimes I see photos that I would love to know more about and this photo of Lindsay Lohan getting out of her Porsche 911 Cabriolet is exactly that. But as for Lohan’s car game, at this point we have no idea what she’s driving. What ever it is it’s probably black but that’s about all I can tell you!

Lindsay Lohan Porsche

Thanks to Atlanta Honda for the photo.

6 Responses to Lindsay Lohan and “A” Porsche 911

  1. Peter a says:

    She always drives really nice cars. I wonder if she knows anything about cars or just tells her people she wants a sports car and they give her what they like or think is best. This time a carrera automatic. Great car. If it is her people making the decisions I think there doing a great job.

  2. manuk says:

    how do you know its automatic?

  3. imfine says:

    nice. very nice. every.

  4. neeb says:

    I know it’s an auto. I’ve drove next to Lindsay Lohan and noticed that she wasn’t shifting.

  5. chris says:

    Lets hope is sober while driving

  6. Celebrity Cars says:

    Does sober entail not use drugs as well… yeah we’ll see!

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