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Stephanie Pratt on the Prowl

I don’t know how she’s been doing it but Stephanie Pratt has been able to keep a rather low profile in the recent month. Meanwhile she is behind the wheel and that’s scary enough. As for her BMW X5 I think she needs a more trendy car for who she is… just sayin!

Stephanie Pratt BMW X5

7 Responses to Stephanie Pratt on the Prowl

  1. sunbeam says:

    a rather bland car with no personality and nothing special about. perfect whip for ms pratt.

  2. Ford Trucks says:

    BMW X5 is a nice car. every body have attraction about this car.

  3. Ben says:

    I happen to like this car and who cares if it’s not “trendy” by your standards? BMW’s are classy and classic cars and a statement of understated luxury. Way better, in my opinion, than a flashy Lamborghini or Ferrari.

  4. Cheap Alloy Wheels says:

    I don’t mind the bmw shopping trolley but….it’s WHITE! Seriously uncool.

  5. Cheap Alloy Wheels says:

    Aggressive looking car indeed, too aggressive for Stephanie. She must drive a beetle just like the other hot celebs. Of course a Mercedes SLK as shopping trolley.. 🙂


  6. Used Car Engine says:

    She is hotttt! But those high heels, awful. How to pedal the metal with those shoes?

  7. Dima says:

    BMW X5s are awesome! ive got one and i love it, she ruins the look of the vehicle not the otherway around lol

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