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Stephanie Pratt’s Boyfriend Runs Over Cops Foot In Ferrari

NEWS FLASH — running over a cops foot with your Ferrari WILL not end well.

Stephanie Pratt’s boyfriend, Julien Chabbott apparently couldn’t stand the fact that he was getting a parking ticket on his Ferrari 458 Italia and made an idiot move by running over a NYPD officers foot recently. He was then thrown to the ground and arrested while Stephanie took off in the Ferrari.

Check out all the action caught on camera below:

Dirty Stephanie Pratt Picks Up Laundry in her BMW X5

Spencer Pratt’s sister (yes, the normal one) and The Hills star Stephanie Pratt was seen picking up her dry cleaning with a gorgeous white BMW X5. The glory of her car makes up for her uneven skin tone. Look at how tan her face and how white her legs are! She must have ran out of spray-on tan.

Stephanie Pratt Picks Up Laundry in her BMW X5

Stephanie Pratt on the Prowl

I don’t know how she’s been doing it but Stephanie Pratt has been able to keep a rather low profile in the recent month. Meanwhile she is behind the wheel and that’s scary enough. As for her BMW X5 I think she needs a more trendy car for who she is… just sayin!

Stephanie Pratt BMW X5