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Adam Carolla’s Aston Martin DB9

A while back we saw some inside shots of Adam Carolla’s new garage and we spotted a DB9 under the cover. Well we just came across this great walk around with Adam Carolla giving us the walk around of his car including all the modifications he made. This is a true celebrity car! I freaking love the interior!

Adam Carolla’s Aston Martin DB9

9 Responses to Adam Carolla’s Aston Martin DB9

  1. Steven says:

    “A Ferrari in Chocolate brown, how’s that gonna look?” “Looks like what brown comes out of your a**”

    Good enough for Steve McQueen. Those jokers need to do their research.


  2. carson says:

    love the interior as well. but i think black or silver would go way better with that red leather. Aston Martins are original in themselves. i don’t think you need a color like that to be original.

  3. kirk says:

    Black or silver would kill the lines of the car. AM and Jags are perfect with british racing green as the color.

    Also did you just call chip Fouse a moron? maybe you need to do some research

  4. Cognitive Enhancement Blog says:

    Oh man, i love when Carolla talks about his cars on the podcast. He was describing the green DB9 and i drooled a little.

  5. Don L. Walker says:

    The car is sooo hoooot! I would like to have one!

  6. Don L. Walker says:

    By the way, i don’t agree with carson. I think that black or silver won’t fit the interior.

  7. Junkey says:

    Awesome car, but the red interior don’t fit the body paint, red will fit green if green will be a little bit brighter.

  8. Wroom says:

    I’ll surely add it to my Favorites.

  9. Cooper says:

    I can’t believe Carolla makes that kind of money for being a so called B list celeb. His car collection is awesome.

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