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💧32oz Original Drakeol 35 CORRECT Vintage Rain Lamp Oil Creators-SEE FEEDBACK💧 For Sale

💧32oz Original Drakeol 35 CORRECT Vintage Rain Lamp Oil Creators-SEE FEEDBACK💧

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💧32oz Original Drakeol 35 CORRECT Vintage Rain Lamp Oil Creators-SEE FEEDBACK💧:

32 ounces in total.If you would like a specific color, please add a note to your payment. We have all basic colors as well as blacklight reactive meaning the oil fluoresces under a blacklight! Super cool! The latest blacklight oil is Clear Electric Blue. It is normally clear and then electric blue under a strong UV source. We recommend a 60-100W UV LED Flood Panel which can be found here on for minimal cost. The UV variants can be found in my other listings, but you may add a note for your regularcolor choice in this listing. The colored oil will be a transparent tint when in drop form and not deeply saturated like it is in the bottle.Note: Packaging may vary as shown in photos. So there is noconfusionthis may ship in recycled spring water bottles, Gatorade bottles, or one gallonjugsdepending on what isavailableor the size of the order.No need for fancy packaging when you know what you have is the BEST. :)If you love this kind of décor, be sure to check out my other account for the custom Made In The USAHughes Wave Motion Machine. (If you know rain/Lava/motion lamps, you remember these).🌊CLICK HERE to see the most relaxing piece of Home Decor since 1968- The "Model One" Wave Motion Machine!🌊
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Video of this oil in action. Look at those raindrops!

Vintage Rain Lamp Restoration by Hughes Wave Motion Machines - YouTube

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NOTE: Beware of sellers trying to rip you off with thin, runny, splashing, drug store baby oil listed as Drakeol 35! I recently purchased oil from two other “unnamed” sellers on and tested the oil with a device that measures viscosity and density and lo and behold, they are selling plain old drug store mineral oil. This oil is not meant for your rain lamp and doesn’t make droplets but rather runs down the strings and splashes because it is so thin. Read below, check my response on this oil and buy with confidence that you are putting the original in your beloved vintage rain lamp!

This oil is specifically produced for use in all sizes of vintage rain drip lamps from the 60's and 70's. We can also offer this oil at no additional cost! Be aware that the color is a "clear" color and not as deep as it appears in the bottle. It will have a tint when flowing in the lamp. Please add a Note to your PayPal payment with your color choice, otherwise you will receive clear. Please use the Note to Seller feature and not a message on . Check out the rave reviews on this product!

This Drakeol 35 (sourced in 55 gallon drums directly from the original manufacturerof the oil from the 1970s) produces the realistic "rainfall effect" you remember from when you first saw an oil rain lamp. Beware of other sellers here on attempting to capitalize on the success of this oil by selling plain old baby oil from the drug store at a huge markup! Regular mineral oil is the incorrect viscosity and does not createbeautifulindividual drops of "rain" on the lines and it runs so fast it can sometime splash out of the basin, making a mess! Most large rain lamps that are 20-27" tall require about 32 ounces. It is the buyer's responsibility to refer to the instruction manual for their specific machine to determine the amount of oil required. This amount is a general figurefor MOST lamps. sale is for OIL ONLY. No lamp included.

The instructions to add the oil are quite simple:

1. Place plastic sheeting under your work area and cover it with newspaper. Keep paper towels handy in case of spills and drips.

2. Turn on the rain lamp.

3. Use a paper towel to gently wipe oil from the fishing strands where you will be working. Locate the holes in the bottom pan of the cage under the foliage and statue. There is not a specific oil fill hole. The oil will find its way through the same holes that collects oil drips from the fishing line strands. The collection basin is under the cage where the oil collects and is pumped to the top of the lamp.

4. Slowly pour the first pint of oil into the bottom of the cage under the foliage.

5. Wait five minutes for the rain effect to start and listen for a change in the sound of the pump.

6. Add another half pint of oil if the rain has not started or there is no change in the sound of the pump.

7. Wait five minutes and repeat pouring a half pint of oil at a time until the rain looks normal and the pump sounds somewhat muted.

8. Expect to pour at least one pint of oil but no more than three pints. Stop adding oil when the raining effect looks normal. Do not use too much oil, because it can overwhelm the pump.

NOTE:The lamp needs to be on a level surface.If you add too much oil, you will saturate the electrical mechanism and the pump will not function properly so that the oil never reaches the top. If this occurs, remove some of the oil by removing the three nuts that bolt the metal base tray down at the bottom and remove some oil. Only the impeller of the pump should be submerged in the oil.

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💧32oz Original Drakeol 35 CORRECT Vintage Rain Lamp Oil Creators-SEE FEEDBACK💧


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