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They don’t call him “The Finnish Flash” for nothing. As one of the fastest and best-liked players in the National Hockey League, Teemu Selanne continues to take the rink by storm every time he plays for the Anaheim Ducks. As the oldest player in the NHL, he is also the last active member of all 1980s drafts. Still, Teemu’s age doesn’t show as he continues to deliver great games that both his team and fans can enjoy.
Teemu was born in Helsinki, Finland. He has a varied background, first attending business school and then teaching kindergarten. Teemu played ice hockey for fun, but he soon realized that his passion coupled with a natural talent would make him a potentially successful professional player. He relocated to southern California and made the 1988 NHL draft.
The Finnish Flash currently plays as the alternate captain for the Anaheim Ducks. Teemu has always been a fan favorite, due to the fact he spends more time meeting people and signing autographs much more than the average player. When he isn’t playing hockey, you may find him collecting cars. He resides with his wife, Sirpa, and their four children in Orange County, California.

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