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Teemu Selänne’s Ferrari F430 Scuderia

Hockey star, Teemu Selänne doesn’t just play hockey — he collects cars too. He’s known not only for his talent on the ice but for his love of cars too. It’s been said that he has over 23 cars between here in the states and in Finland. Sadly, we don’t have photos off Selänne’s entire collection but here is a photo of his black Ferrari F430 Scuderia as well as a video (for all our Finnish speaking readers out there). If you don’t know Finnish you can still drool over the car…

Teemu Selanne Ferrari F430 Scuderia

Photo Source: http://www.spoki.lv/upload/articles/32/326264/images/_origin_NHL-slavenibu-masinas-15.jpg

Video Source: You Tube

*Shout out to Jukka for the info!

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