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Simon Cowell Joins The Ferrari 458 Club

Looks like Simon Cowell is the latest celebrity to get behind the wheel of the Ferrari 458 Italia. The black 458 was delivered to his house sometime in the last few weeks and Simon was recently spotted leaving the studios with it. This is certainly a step up from the Smart Car we saw him in last.

Simon Cowell Ferrari 458 Italia

Simon Cowell Swaps His Rolls Royce For A Smart

Is Simon Cowell trying to go green for 2012? Simon was recently spotted leaving the CBS studios in his new blacked out Smart Car. You’d think Simon would be annoyed by just how small and how slow the Smart Car is compared to his Rolls Royce (or any other car for that matter) but apparently not. Simon tweeted “Everyone is laughing at my new car. But I love it and it glows in the dark!” Do you think Simon will actually hang on to this thing??

Simon Cowell Smart Car











Simon Cowell Smart












Photo Source: Radar Online and Simon Cowell Twitter

Simon Cowell Steps Into In His Rolls Royce

Simon Cowell had his driver on hand recently to chauffeur him around town in his Rolls Royce.

Simon Cowell Rolls Royce

Simon Cowell Valets His Bentley In Beverly Hills

Simon Cowell is a busy guy but not too busy to take some time out to drive around in his expensive cars. Simon recently valeted his Bentley Azure before meeting up with Paula Abdul for lunch in Beverly Hills.

Simon Cowell Bentley Azure
















Source: X17 Online

Simon Cowell Always Knows How To Roll

Simon Cowell showed up to “Britain’s Got Talent” auditions recently in a Rolls Royce Phantom. Simon always knows how to ride in style but next time he should think about going for a few more buttons on the shirt. You have chest hair Simon, we get it. We just don’t need to see it.

Simon Cowell Rolls Royce Phantom