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Scott Disick’s Selling His Chrome Audi R8

Looks like Scott Disick‘s unloading another ride and this time it’s his chrome wrapped Audi R8 that we spotted Kim Kardashian borrowing recently. Disick’s flashy R8 is up for grabs through Calabasas Luxury Motorcars with a ‘buy it now’ set at $134,995 on eBay.

Why do you think Disick’s gone through so many rides lately?

Scott Disick Audi R8

Scott Disick's Chrome Audi R8

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Scott Disick Borrows Kim Kardashian’s Ferrari 458

Scott Disick was spotted running errands in what looks like Kim Kardashian’s Ferrari 458 Italia. That or he picked up one for himself too. What do you think? Scotts or Kim’s?

Scott Disick Ferrari 458

Scott Disick Dumps His Mercedes G55

Scott Disick sure didn’t hang onto his Mercedes-Benz G55 for long! Disick’s G-Wagon just went up for sale at Calabasas Luxury Motor Cars so if anyone wants a G-Wagon and doesn’t mind saying they’re driving Scott Disick’s leftovers, it can be yours. Why do you think he’s getting rid of it so soon?

Check out the listing here.

Scott Disick Mercedes Benz G55


Kim Kardashian Takes Scott Disick’s New Audi R8 For A Spin

Here’s another one to add to Scott Disick’s ever-expanding garage. Kim Kardashian posted this photo of herself sitting inside of Disick’s new ‘chromed out’ Audi R8 and posted it on her Instagram. First, what’s with this whole chrome thing (Justin Bieber’s Fisker Karma) and second, why is Scott Disick buying so many cars recently??

So the question is — who’s got better chrome now? The Bieb’s or Disick?

Kim Kardashian Audi R8

Source: Kim Kardashian Instagram 

Shout out to Joshua for the tip!


Scott Disick Runs Around NYC In A Rolls Royce

Scott Disick and his son, Mason were spotted in NYC recently with a Rolls Royce. It looks like Mason already knows how to roll like a stud. We have to wonder if Mason will ever even know what the inside of a minivan looks like.

Scott Disick Rolls Royce