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The Game Poses With His Porsche Panamera And Rolls Royce

Either you love the Porsche Panamera or you hate it and from the looks of this photo, The Game definitely loves his. The Game posted this photo of himself with his customized Panamera and his red Rolls Royce Ghost that he bought himself for Christmas.

The Game Porsche Panamera

The Game Rolls Royce Ghost

Thanks to RUFek for the tip!

Beckham’s Back In Business With A New Rolls Royce

We weren’t really sure what David Beckham’s plan was when he decided to kick his Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe to the curb but from the looks of it he’s decided to stick with Rolls Royce.

We’ve spotted Beckham with the car a couple times — first the whole family was out for lunch and you can see the car parked across the street and just recently David was spotted at the gas station having an attendant wash the windshield. Some families go from three to four kids and breakdown for the minivan but when you’re David and Victoria Beckham you go from a Rolls Royce Coupe to a four door more practical Rolls Royce Ghost instead.

David Beckham Rolls Royce Ghost

David Beckham Rolls Royce Ghost

Ben Baller’s Garage

When I snagged this photo I really thought we’d featured Ben Baller on the site before but after looking back we really haven’t despite the fact that Ben Baller has pretty much rolled every ride you would want to put in your garage, aside from his lame ass Prius (I always hate on Prius).

Ben Baller's Garage

Katy Perry Shows Up In A Blue Rolls Royce

Katy Perry must have a thing for blue. Katy was recently spotted wearing all blue with her blue hair while getting out of a blue Rolls Royce in Paris.

Katy Perry Rolls Royce

Meek Mill Shows Off His Rolls Royce

Rapper, Meek Mill showed off his new Rolls Royce recently when he was at a photo shoot for RIDES Magazine and Lexani Wheels in Los Angeles. The wheels on this Rolls are siiiick. Check out the video below.

Meek Mills Rolls Royce