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Kim Kardashian: Shop Time For The Rolls Royce

Kim Kardashian and her brighter than the sun yellow bag stopped by Platinum Motorsport recently to drop off her Rolls Royce Ghost. After turning over the keys Kim stepped into the passenger seat of a friends BMW 7 Series.

What do you think Kim’s doing to her Rolls this time?

Kim Kardashian Rolls Royce Ghost
















Kim Kardashian BMW 7 Series

Janet Jackson’s Bentley Continental GTC: Love It Or Hate It?

We just came across this custom built white Bentley Continental GTC convertible on eBay that was built by Platinum Motorsport for Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri. According to the eBay listing, over $275,000 was dumped into the custom build and the current bid is already at just over $130,000. What do you think? Would you drop the cash for this whip?

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

Janet Jackson Jermaine Dupri Bentley Continental GTC

Janet Jackson Jermaine Dupri Bentley Continental GTC

Ron Artest Valets His Customized “Lakers” Hyundai

A few months back, Ron Artest and George Lopez were discussing cars on the George Lopez Show. George said he would buy Ron a Rolls Royce Phantom but Ron said all he needed was a “Hyundai” (really?). Careful what you wish for because George stuck to his word and ended up giving Ron a Platinum Motorsport customized “Laker” Hyundai Genisis.

Recently, Ron was spotted getting back into his Hyundai after eating dinner with friends. Normally it would be difficult to identify a car from this photo but because of the purple and yellow interior door card it’s pretty hard to miss this one. With a contract for around $33 million he better at least have a really really nice garage…

Ron Artest Hyundai Genisis

George presenting Ron with his new car a few months back.

Ron Artest Hyundai Genesis

Ron Artest Hyundai Genesis


Beckham Rolls To The Studios In His Camaro

David Beckham was spotted leaving a taping of Jimmy Kimmel live in his new matte gray Chevy Camaro built by Platinum Motorsport. We really think this car is a great choice for Becks…don’t you??

David Beckham Chevy Camaro


Source: X17 Online

David Beckham – Rolling His Matte Gray Camaro

David Beckham's Matte Gray Camaro

David Beckham is a man of style and kicking your Porsche Turbo to the curb for a Chevrolet Camaro is one good way to show off!  I’m pretty surprised that he stayed with the “matte” theme as it’s getting a little played out but either way he’s got enough money that it really doesn’t matter.  The car was built by Platinum Motorsport and until now we weren’t prepared to bring it up as we wanted proof that Beckham was really driving it!  Well thanks to X17 we can confirm, this is David Beckham’s Camaro!

David Beckham's Camaro

Source: X17Online & Jalopnik (for beating us to the story)