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Kim Kardashian’s New Rolls Royce Ghost From Platinum Motorsport

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were spotted leaving a salon in Beverly Hills and driving away in the Platinum Motorsport Rolls Royce loaner car. If Kim has a car in the shop you’d think she could just drive one of her many other cars or even one of Kanye’s. It’s not like they’re short on rides… UDPATE (6/30 2:45PM): Turns out this is not a loaner and it’s actually Kim’s new Rolls Royce Ghost that Platinum Motorsport just did up for her. Her white Ghost is gone.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Rolls Royce Kim Kardashian Black Rolls Royce Ghost

Another Photo Of Beckham’s New Rolls Royce Ghost

This photo proves how badass David Beckham’s new Rolls Royce Ghost really is. We have to say we like this Rolls much better than his drophead coupe. What do you think of Beckham’s Ghost? Do you like it better than his drophead too?

David Beckham Rolls Royce Ghost

Source: Daily Mail

Reggie Bush Decides To Dump His Escalade Too

Looks like it’s true. Either Reggie Bush needs some extra cash (possible, when you look at how horrible his team is doing) or he really is trying to get rid of anything that reminds him of Kim Kardashian. Reggie’s 2008 Cadillac Escalade is up for sale on eBay now too along with his Ferrari F430…the car was accessorized by Kim and Reggie together with the help of the guys at Platinum Motorsport of course.

Reggie Bush Cadillac Escalade









Check out all the photos and details here.

All Range Rovers Should Look Like This…

Get your hands on this bad ass flat black supercharged Range Rover on eBay. The car is customized by the guys at Platinum Motorsport and nothing…we mean nothing was left out on this one! Normally we hate on Rovers since they can be so overdone among celebrities but this one is siiiick. Would you rock it?

Range Rover For Sale












Take a look at the full listing here for more photos and details.

Platinum Motorsports Range Rover

Kim Kardashian Picks Up Her Ferrari 458

There were rumors that Kim Kardashian had bought herself a Ferrari as a wedding gift (which kinda made me laugh tinking back to when she was driving Reggie’s Ferrari F430) and while we don’t know if she bought it for herself or if her husband bought it for her we do know that she picked up her White Ferrari 458 from Platinum Motorsport last night.  By the looks of it I think Platinum outfitted it with some wheels but I don’t know what else they did… maybe some new pedals to accommodate 5 inch heels better 😉

Kim Kardashian Ferrari 458

Kim Kardashian's 458

Here is what it looked like before going to Platinum Motorsport.

Kim Kardashian Ferrari 458