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Nicky Diamonds: Private Jets and Rolls Royce’s

This is how Nicky Diamonds traveled to Colorado earlier this week for the Zumiez 100k event. He shared this photo of himself and his Rolls Royce Wraith posing in front of the private jet that he took to the event. Not too shabby!

Nicky Diamonds Rolls Royce
Photo (@diamondsupplyco)

Ben Baller and Nicky Diamonds Show Off Their Supercars

Ben Baller and Nicky Diamonds have more than just diamonds in common, they like supercars too. Diamonds shared this photo of himself and Baller posing in front of their cars recently — Diamonds in front of his Ferrari 458 Italia and Baller in front of his Lamborghini Aventador.

Nicky Diamonds Ben Baller Lamborghini

Source (@nickydiamonds//Photo by: @shafik)

Nicky Diamonds’ Garage Is Complete

We had a sneak peek of Nicky Diamonds’ new garage earlier this month but now we have a photo of the final product — and it’s sick! It may only hold three cars but it definitely looks good. Unfortunately it looks like his Rolls Royce Wraith and his Plymouth GTX didn’t make the cut for a spot in the new garage.

Nicky Diamonds Gargage

Photo (@nickydiamonds)

Nicky Diamonds’ Garage is Just as Nice as His Cars

When you have as many cars as Nicky Diamonds does, you need a nice garage — and Nicky Diamonds has just that. He recently shared a photo of his new classic 1969 Plymouth GTX sitting on his brand new driveway in front of what looks like a pretty sick garage.

Nicky Plymouth GTX

This is what his driveway looked like just a few weeks ago.

Nicky Diamonds Garage

Photos (@nickydiamonds)

Nicky Diamonds Cops a 1969 Plymouth GTX

Nicky Diamonds really knows how to pick ’em! His collection is always expanding and he knows a sick classic ride when he sees one. This time he’s picked up a 1969 Plymouth GTX. According to his caption on Instagram, he found the car online, had his “boy” go take a look at it and when it checked out, he bought it. This GTX will look great sitting next to his other cars.

Nicky Diamonds Plymouth GTX
Source (@nickydiamonds)