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Mike Wolfe’s Latest Project: 36 Ford Gulf Oil Delivery Truck

Mike Wolfe seems to be building and acquiring cars like none other. I guess it kinda comes with the territory when you are on the show American Pickers. Last time it was his 59 Flathead. This time it sounds like he has Kirk Brown from Crafty B to create a 36 Ford Delivery Truck.  By the looks of it, it will keep with the Mike Wolfe style with lots of rust and patina.

Mike Wolfe’s 59AB Flat Head ’32 Ford

Mike Wolfe has the life and what’s great about it is that not only does he do what he loves, he stumbles across amazing cars that he has the opportunity to jump on such as his VW Bug and ‘62 VW Panel Van.  Well this time around he picked up a 1932 Ford Coupe and decided to bring it home for a complete rat rod customization which it looks like he has been using in Nashville.

Mike Wolfe Ford Coupe  Rat Rod

Source: Instagram

Mike Wolfe Out With a Bunch of Knuckleheads

It’s always interesting to see what celebrities do on the weekends and it’s especially interesting when it’s someone like Mike Wolfe from American Pickers.

If you are a fan of American Pickers, then you already know Mike Wolfe is a huge motorcycle collector with a passion for Harley Davidson Knuckleheads. By the looks of it, it seems he surrounds him self with quite the group of friends who are also into Knuckleheads.

Who Is Mike Wolfe Toting Around In His Side Car?

mike wolfe motorcycle sidecar

Mike Wolfe Caught By a Fan While Out on His Knucklehead

mike wolfe harley davidson

Mike Wolfe probably had not idea that being a “picker” would bring him so much fame but now days, he gets stopped every where for a fan photo. Even while out cruising one oh his bikes. I believe this is a Harley Davidson Knucklehead which is one of many that Mike owns. For more of Mike’s bikes and cars, click here.